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Southland Retail Group

Southland Retail Group

As the name suggests, “Turnkey”, Southland Retail picks up such projects where you just need to give us some time for enhancing your interior space and then your role is just to TURN-the-KEY and all you see is a perfect and luxury space. In the past years, we have constantly endeavored to create buildings that are totally in-tune with their natural surroundings. The reason behind our constant success is that we have a team of dedicated turnkey interior designers and we aim for our customer delighted. We serve to create the best living spaces and quality output in every project.


Southland Retail ‘s turnkey interior packages include floor to roof services at a very comprehensive and cost-effective technique. In our packages, very little we follow orders, but more We GRANT WISHES…. Our team has the ability to make the most use of every tool for making your dream project into reality. While the project is ongoing on, we are deeply involved interacting with a client about their needs along with the designs without compromising on standards of services and materials.


Southland Retail is a full-fleshed combination of every component of the interior, which you can think of, in your commercial and residential projects. We are known as best interior designers in Delhi, Noida & Gurgaon. Southland Retail has a wide scope of work including Interior designing & Execution as and when required by you with all the expert group of interior designers. Southland Retail offers an innovative and inspirational approach to interior design with over 10 years of experience, continuously spreading and leaving its footprints in different parts of INDIA



Southland Retail has an art of designing such an interior, which frequently includes false ceiling, electrical work, flooring, furniture, lighting, textiles, spacing, building products, accessories, wall coverings, glass, music system, air conditioning, branding, etc.. Whether its an office, a salon, a restaurant, showroom and hotel, our motto is to deliver our client the sheer happiness and a perfect blend of desired categories in a particular interior.


Southland Retail has the ability to deliver the best and luxury interior by simply transforming your needs, requirements, and desires into a living reality. So, we proudly commit that “YOU VISUALIZE, WE ACTUALIZE”. We’ve got the capability of converting even a simple thing into a masterpiece.


What makes Southland Retail somewhat different from other firms is that we offer creative interior solutions with a coordinated and seamless service from start to finish. We always set up new standards for the interior design, follow the client’s recommendations, make technical drawings according to a customer, manage the project turning into reality and finally give a finishing touch to the

interior. In a nutshell, we not only aim for customer satisfaction but for CUSTOMER DELIGHTED.

To make a turnkey interior package into a super success, Southland Retail works on simple 5 principles of project management, which are termed as:






    Monitoring/Controlling plan



Services we provide

Office Interior

Office interior or corporate interior should be done in a very decent and subtle manner because office speaks volume about the particular organization and its underlying principles.

Salon Interior

Salons, nowadays have more become the best place to relax. People go there for relaxation of mind, body, and soul. So, while designing a salon we have to take care of a wide variety of things.

Restaurant Interior

Interior design is a tremendously essential aspect of any café, restaurant or bar. If you are planning to open a new restaurant or trying to make renovation in the existing one, it requires a lot of hard work.

The showroom is a commercial property where we mainly deal in trading. At a showroom, every material is well displayed with adequate lighting, proper space to walk between the displayed material, air cooling all over the showroom.

Southland Retail has an art of designing such an interior, that often includes false ceiling, electrical work, flooring, furniture, lighting, textiles, spacing, building products, accessories, wall coverings, glass, music system, air conditioning, branding, etc. To sum up, we take care of each and every little aspect of Interior Designing.

Interior Design is a multifaceted profession that includes: Conceptual development, Communicating with stakeholders of a project and The management and execution of the design.

The projects undertaken by Southland Retail are as follows:

  • CrossFit

  • Educational

  • Institutional

  • Health care

  • Hospitality

  • Salon

  • Safety

  • Retail

  • Corporate

  • Entertainment


Our Partners, like our people, are our most treasured assets. We nurture every Partners relationship with commitment, passion, and integrity, which is the reason why most of our Partners have been with us through the decade of our existence.


·   By building not just business relationships but really long-lasting partnerships with our clients, we get the opportunity to work closely with them.  This helps us to truly understand their unique business needs, and then we are able to customize our solutions and products to meet their long-term business goals.



1.      Reliance Mart

2.      Allen Solly

3.      Looks Salon

4.      PantaLoons

5.      Big Bazaar

6.      Gitanjali Salon

7.      Easy Day

9.      Louis Salon

10.   Apollo Pharmacy

11.   J Mart

12.   Vishal Mega Mart

13.   Nike

14.   Adidas

15.   Vijay Sales

16.   Croma

17.   PVR Cinemas

18.   Hayat Hotel

19.   Oppo Stores

20.   Fast Track

21.   Tanishq

22.   Dominos

23.   ZARA

24.   Flying Machine

25.   Jawed Habib

26.   Lakme

27.   Tony And Guy

28.   Titan

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